Bill Olive established Olive’s Photography in Florence, AL in 1953 and moved to Huntsville, AL in 1958.  He was a photographer during a time when Huntsville and North Alabama began to grow rapidly, and he photographed much of the transformation from cotton fields to spacecraft.  In those early days, wedding photos and portraits were all black and white, and the practice at the time was to hand color photographs.  Bill’s wife, Thelma, pitched in and spent hours meticulously hand coloring portraits.  Bill and Thelma’s three sons – David, Dennis, and Dean –all three grew up around cameras and helped to develop film in the dark room.  It’s no wonder that all three became excellent photographers in their own right!

Today, David – the oldest of the three Olive boys – continues to operate Olive’s Photography as a highly successful studio.  Just as it was when the studio was first established, Olive’s Photography continues to be a true family business.  The studio staff consists of David, his wife Mary Alice, and their son “Little” David. Tori and Zach along with brother Dean work at the studio too photographing weddings, dance studio's and a variety of other events.

Just like it was in 1953, Olive’s Photography is a family business, and it still operates on the traditions of high quality and integrity, just like it did then.